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Play! It's the way young children learn!

Many parents are anxious for their children to succeed in school, and want early care education programs that have children sit down at tables and use worksheets, drills, and flash cards to memorize information that they children themself can't even understand! But recent research and many child development experts agree that preschoolers learn differently. What these child development researchers believe in is play! Here at Ms. Trish's Preschool and Daycare, we also believe that play is the main way children learn and develop ideas about the world! It helps them build the skills necessary for critalcal thinking and leadership. Play is also how children learn to problemsolve and to feel good about themselves and their ability to learn!

When Children Play (with the guidance of a highly trained teacher) :

  • They Test their developing ideas with objects, people, and situations- the key ability for academic learning!
  • They develop many kinds of skills together- physical, social, emotional, and languge
  • They are doing things they are interested in, so they have a natural motivation to learn
  • They learn from other children and develop socio-emotional skills by playing together